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Interface Ltd Providing Quality Products & Professional Niche Business Services

About Interface Limited

We are a UK based company with a commitment to both the quality of the products that we manufacture and the level at which our niche business services are provided.

Interface was formed in 1968 and has grown through various business and product developments with the specialist brands of services and products that we trade through today.

The Brands of Interface

· Woodflakes of Daventry
· Dusmo Floor Sweeping Compounds
· Pyrasorb - Spillage Absorbents

Interface Ltd provides a wide variety of goods and services. Dusmo sweeping compounds (floor cleaning products), Woodflakes of Daventry Ltd (Wood shavings removal and supply service), Interface Farm Enterprises Ltd (for special projects) and Pyrasorb (spillage absorbent products).


Interface Limited
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High Street, Flore

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